Police Chief’s Wife, Daughter Assaulted On The Street

Shyanne Cote, seated, in Caledonia Superior Court with defense attorney Kyle Sipples on Monday, June 10, 2019 in St. Johnsbury. (Photo By Todd Wellington).

A homeless woman has been accused of assaulting the wife and 12-year-old daughter of the Hardwick Police Chief Aaron Cochran.

Shyanne Cote, 27, pleaded not guilty in Caledonia Superior Court Monday to three misdemeanor charges of assault and one charge of disorderly conduct. Judge Robert Bent set bail of $200 and conditions of release prohibiting Cote from having contact or going within 300 feet of Chief Cochran’s wife Michelle Cochran and their children.

Caledonia Superior Court.

Police say Cote scratched, punched and yelled at Michelle Cochran and scratched and hit the daughter when she came to assist her mother during the incident on Friday evening June 7 outside the Positive Pie restaurant at 87 South Main St. in Hardwick.

According to an affidavit filed by Hardwick Police Officer Joshua Molleur, Michelle Cochran told police she was walking with her niece down the street toward a school dance and used her cell phone to take a picture of them.

“She said that Cote came up to her and accused her of taking a picture of her with the phone,” wrote Molleur in his report. “Michelle told her that she hadn’t and offered to show her the most recent pictures. Michelle said Cote continued to escalate and yell at her until she tried grabbing the phone which turned into a scuffle that resulted in Cote scratching Michelle in the face. “

Michelle Cochran told police she was able to go into the Postitive Pie to call her husband but when she came back out Cote confronted her again with “fists clenched” and punched her in the face. Police said Chief Cochran’s daughter was at the school and talking with her mother by phone when she heard yelling and ran to the scene were she was also assaulted by Cote.

If convicted Cote faces a possible sentence of over four years in prison and $3,500 in fines.


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