Scott Favreau Moves To Represent Himself

Scott Favreau enters the courtroom in St. Johnsbury on Tuesday, Aug. 8, 2017. (Photo by Todd Wellington)

Scott Favreau has made it very clear that he doesn’t need a lawyer to defend him against allegations he violated probation last year.

“I do not need a public defender to tell me I’m screwed,” wrote Favreau in a hand-written letter to the court filed on March 27.

Favreau, 37, was 17-years-old when he shot and killed his foster mother, Vicki Campbell-Beer, at their West Burke home.

He is currently serving a sentence of 40 years to life in prison – all suspended – except 30 years to serve.

Favreau was released on furlough in August 2019, but just two months later he was charged with taking part in a break-in at a jewelry store in Stowe. Favreau was later convicted in Lamoille Superior Court of aiding in the commission of a burglary. The charge also triggered a probation violation complaint in Caledonia County. He has denied the allegation.

The violation case is scheduled for a hearing in Caledonia County Superior Court on Wednesday, July, 8 at 9:30 a.m. but Favreau says he no longer needs the services of his court appointed public defender.

“I will be pro-se from this point on,” wrote Favreau in his letter to the court. “The first step I will take is to ask the court to set my speedy trial date. It is my constitutional privilege to both represent myself and have a speedy trial.”

Favreau also said that while he understands the coronavirus outbreak has been slowing court operations, he doesn’t consider it an excuse to deny him his rights.

“As a newspaper recently stated, ‘just because there is a health epidemic crisis doesn’t mean my constitutional rights go away,’” wrote Favreau.

And Favreau writes that the coronavirus outbreak is also part of the reason he wants a speedy trial.

“I know that this outbreak could postpone my sentencing for months, if not a year or more,” wrote Favreau. “On top of this I already know how sentencing will go for me … It’s unfortunate to say, and I mean you no disrespect, but the ‘Justice System’ is not out for justice anymore but for vengeance. For whatever reason the courts ignore all the positive things I’ve done and focus purely on the negative. They don’t even try to understand me or my position …”

Favreau then asks the court to dismiss his public defender and to grant him a speedy trial.

“I am absolutely positive about both of these things and ask that the court does not try and talk me out of either decision I’ve made,” wrote Favreau. “Thank you for your time and I hope you stay healthy through these troubled times.”

According to court documents, Favreau was caught on security video in October 2019 breaking into the Stowe jewelry store with another suspect identified by Stowe police as his roommate Michael Ulrich, 27. Favreau was later convicted and sentenced to 1-3 years concurrent with his murder sentence.

Favreau is currently serving his sentences at Northern State Correctional Facility in Newport.


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