The St. Johnsbury School will be making condoms available to 7th & 8th Grade students.

But it’s the state that’s making them do it.

“Vermont Statute 16 V.S.A § 132 requires that secondary schools (Grade 7-12) make condoms readily accessible to students in order to support the prevention of unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases,” reads the publicly available December “Principal’s Report” to the school board. The state law went into effect in July.

“Condoms will be available for students in grades 7-8 in the Nurses Office, the Middle School Counselor’s Office and the Upper School Principal’s Office,” reads the update which is listed under the “miscellaneous” notes section at the end of the report.

“In alignment with our belief that it is important to take every opportunity to educate and support our students in acting responsibly and safely, students will need to speak with one of the adults listed above before having access to condoms,” reads the report.”

Vermont was the first state in the nation to mandate access to free condoms in public high schools and middle schools. The bill was first introduced in January of 2020. The condoms will be free of charge.


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