St. Johnsbury Youth Sports Booster Asks Town To Consider New Athletic Fields

Dr. Tom Turek in 2021. (Photo by Amy Ash Nixon)

Retired Chiropractor Dr. Tom Turek went to the St. Johnsbury Select Board meeting on Monday with an idea.

“I’m here to ask the town - the select board - to consider looking seriously at green space for athletics,” said Turek during the other business part of the meeting.

Turek has been involved for years in the local youth lacrosse program which he says is growing to the point where it and other community sports programs could really use their own space because they are always borrowing other fields around town.

“The youth programs are getting bigger,” said Turek. “When we go to Hanover, they’ve got a big flat area…We’ve got hills and I know that. That doesn’t mean the problem is insurmountable…So, I’m asking you to put that on - not just on the radar screen - but maybe give it real thought.”

Over many years, Dr. Turek has been instrumental in growing the youth girls lacrosse program in town.

One of the areas in town under consideration is the former True Temper site along Portland Street in the Summerville Neighborhood. Turek said he’s been told the size of the former manufacturing site is 8 acres.

“How many fields you can fit in that space is the question,” said Turek.

Turek said other locations around town are also under consideration including an old baseball field across from EHV on Route 5 and open space next to the parking lot at the Green Mountain Mall. Turek said that once established, the new athletic fields could also be used by other community events such as when the circus comes to town.

“So, there are options,” said Turek. “I don’t know how expensive these options would be. But my feeling is, it’s time to have some new space for our expanding athletic programs.”

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