States Adds More Doses To Mobile Clinics In Essex County

State officials have added more doses to a series of mobile vaccination clinics in Essex County this weekend after the first allotment were completely booked as of midday on Monday.

Agency of Human Services Secretary Mike Smith made the announcement during Tuesday’s media briefing with Gov. Phil Scott and other state officials.

“I have some good news regarding Essex County. The mobile clinics scheduled for April 10 and 11 filled up quickly so we have increased the number of appointments at each of the nine locations,” said Smith.

The additional appointments are available through the Health Department’s online registration portal or through its call center.

Essex County residents contacted the newspaper to say all the mobile clinic appointments, which first became available on Saturday, will filled by about noon on Monday.

Smith said the state was adding about 135 doses over the 2 days on top of the originally planned 300 doses of the Johnson & Johnson single dose vaccine. The mobile clinics will be administered by CALEX and Newport EMS in 2-hour segments in 9 communities in the region to serve Essex County residents. The county has consistently had the lowest vaccination rate in the state. Essex County currently has a vaccination rate of 33.8% compared to the statewide average of 42.2%. The clinics will be held in Concord, Lunenburg, Maidstone, East Haven, Newark (Caledonia County), Island Pond, Norton, Bloomfield and Canaan.

Smith said he was fairly certain the majority of the mobile clinic appointments would have been claimed by Essex County residents. “We will continue to monitor that as we move forward,” said Smith.

“We are also meeting with Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital in Colebrook, N.H., this week to discuss their participation in our program to vaccinate Vermonters,” said Smith. Smith said the current proposal is to hold weekly clinics of 100 doses for Vermont residents at the hospital in Colebrook.

NEK Cases & Vaccinations

The Northeast Kingdom added 19 additional cases on Monday, with 9 from Caledonia County and 10 from Orleans County.

Vaccinations rates have climbed across the region and Caledonia County, which had the second lowest rate in the state, closed the gap in the last week.

In Essex County, with a 33.8% vaccination rate, a total of 1,774 people have received at least 1 dose. According to the state’s vaccination dashboard 8 have received received their first dose and 900 people have received their first and final dose.

The Caledonia County vaccination rate is 38.2% with 9,562 people being vaccinated. 3,500 Caledonia County residents have received their first dose and 6,000 have received their first and final dose.

The Orleans County vaccination rate is at 40.4% with 9,077 people receiving at least 1 dose. 3,600 Orleans County resident shave received their first dose and 5,500 have received their first and final dose.


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