Superior Court Judge Denies Victory Road Foreman’s No-Stalking Order Request

Victory town selectman and road foreman, Walter Neborsky Jr. sought a no-stalking order against a town resident, Janice Stanley. A Superior Court judge recently dismissed the request, saying there was not sufficient evidence. (File Photo by Amy Ash Nixon)

GUILDHALL — A Superior Court judge has found that town selectman and road commissioner Walter Neborsky Jr.’s claim that a town woman, Janice Stanley, is allegedly stalking him, was not proven. Neborsky’s request for a no-stalking order was denied.

That ruling was signed last month by Superior Court Judge Kevin W. Griffin.

Neborsky, 63, brought his claim of stalking against Stanley, 71.

In mid-April, Neborsky sought a motion for emergency relief over the alleged stalking.

A contested hearing was held at the courthouse in Guildhall on May 5.

“The affidavit does not support the need for an emergency order,” the judge found.

Both parties were given the opportunity to present evidence connected to the allegations in the complaint. Judge Griffin noted that there “appear to be longstanding disagreements over access and ownership to the roadway in question.”

Neborsky’s Claim

In the complaint Neborsky wrote:

I am an employee of the Town of Victory Highway Department. On April 9, 2021, I was cleaning up the winter sand in the intersection of River Road and Granby Road.

This is in front of Janice Stanley’s trailer. She came out yelling at me while I was working and taking pictures of me. Janice Stanley then proceeded off her property into the roadway and proceeded to block me from working while continuing to yell and scream at me.

She then tried to get into the bucket of the loader. I tried to back up but she kept coming at me yelling. I then proceeded to try to on River Road Ext., and she continued yelling and telling me to get off her property, that she owned the road.

Janice Stanley continued to stand in the roadway to block me from working. I went back to the town garage for about 15 minutes. Janice Stanley continued to stand in the intersection of River Road and Granby Road watching me at the Town Garage. I went back to try and finish cleaning up the winter sand and Janice Stanley again proceeded to try and block me while I was working. In December of 2020 and years prior, Janice Stanley has physically stood in the road to prevent plowing near her property.

A selectman that is neighbors with Janice Stanley went to get his mail, and Janice Stanley proceeded to yell at him and told him that she was going to shoot me and the tires of the equipment.

Additionally, three years ago, I got the town’s grader stuck in a deep snow bank while pushing back the banks. I went to call for help and when I returned Janice Stanley and another woman had gotten into the grader and ransacked the interior of the grader. They were both yelling at me calling me a drunk. They proceeded to contact the sheriff’s department and told them that I had the entire road blocked off and that I was drunk. The sheriff, Eric Engals, responded and found that it had been falsely reported.

I, and Edward Brown have both witnessed Janice Stanley in her front yard shooting off her hand gun in the air and yelling. She is continually calling and reporting false claims against me while doing highway maintenance.

I am afraid for my safety and life. I am also afraid for the public with the gun threat that she made against me and the town’s equipment. The situation has escalated to a public safety issue as well as a personal safety issue. I can’t perform my town duties as Road Foreman with the constant threat from her.

Neborsky had sought that the judge grant relief by removing the guns from Stanley and that she “stop the interference of town highway work.”

Stanley’s Response

In her response to the allegations, Stanley, in written testimony to the court, sent a copy of a letter she sent to the Essex County Sheriff’s Department about the matter which documents a timeline she says shows that though Neborsky has alleged she has been stalking him, “It’s the other way around.”

She also submitted a series of photos to illustrate damage to her property she alleges Neborsky committed.

To Neborsky’s claim of the incident on April 9, she wrote, “I concur with Mr. Neborsky’s affidavit that he was working at the intersection of River Road and Granby Road, this is also the perimeter of my property.”

“I stood on my porch, on my property, and began taking pictures of Mr. Neborsky’s work, including videos,” she wrote. “He proceeded to clean the winter sand from the intersection of the road with the town’s bucket loader and dump it on my property as he has done repeatedly.”

Stanley said this week when contacted about the alleged incidents that she does “not even own a gun.”

To the incident in question, she said she did yell at him to “get off my property. This engaged the other town selectman to intervene.”

She alleges in her response that Neborsky has used town equipment as well as his own personal vehicle “to cause damage to my lawn.”

“As an elderly individual, Mr. Neborsky continuously engages in emotional and mental abuse towards me,” alleged Stanley.

“I am afraid for my safety and life from the actions of Mr. Neborsky,” she wrote. “I am afraid for the public for the negligence and carelessness he displays as a town official and abuse of power. He drives on the wrong side of the road with the grader into oncoming traffic with no safety signs or flaggers present.”

“I can’t live as a citizen in my own town, I rarely drive for fear of what Mr. Neborsky would do to me on the roadside,” Stanley ended her April 29 letter.

She told the judge she has tried to resolve the ongoing dispute, and wrote, “Should the stalking claim be granted, it would be a relief that Mr. Neborsky could no longer enter my property, nor engage in non-physical contact directly or indirectly with me. I would no longer suffer from substantial emotional distress and abuse evidenced by his actions. Mr. Neborsky would need to also modify his actions, and routines from his work schedule to not cause a serious disruption any longer in my life. I would no longer have property damage.”


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