A pair of Hyde Park residents have been charged with trespassing by moving into a Sheffield home without the knowledge or permission of the property owner.

Aaron Billings, 51, and Nina Albright, 42, pleaded not guilty in Caledonia County Superior Court on May 10 to criminal charges of unlawful trespass and unlawful mischief and were released on conditions by Judge Michael J. Harris.

Police say property owner, Catherine Anderson reported on June 27, 2020, that she had just learned that someone had moved into her second home located at 103 Quarry Rd. in Sheffield.

Caledonia County Superior Court

“I spoke with Catherine and she told me she was currently living in New York, but her neighbor called her and told her that there were people that appeared to have moved into her place within the last week,” wrote Vermont State Police Tpr. Sean Brennan in his affidavit filed in support of the charges. “Catherine told me that no one should be there and she did not give permission to anyone to be there.”

Tpr. Brennan responded to the address and said in his report that he observed a car in the driveway, new locks that had been installed on the house and “a flag hung on the front of the house with a globe on it that appeared to be new.”

Tpr. Brennan later made contact with Aaron Billings who told police he had moved into the house with Nina Albright.

“He told me that the house had been abandoned for several years and he said that it was a civil issue of him and Nina Albright moving into the house,” wrote Tpr. Brennan in his report. “I told him that you cannot just move into a house because you think it is abandoned.”

Police said Billings and Albright had already moved all their belongings into Anderson’s house and that Billings claimed he had been “fixing the place” since he moved in.

“They were given until the next day to get their stuff out and vacate the property,” wrote Tpr. Brennan.

Police and the property owners returned the next day and found that Billings and Albright had moved out.

The property owners told police that a “substantial amount of damage” had been done to the house and submitted a repair estimate of $10,446.41.

Billings and Albright were ordered by the court to have no contact with Catherine Anderson and to stay off the property while the case is pending.

If convicted of all the charges, they each face a possible sentence of up to six years in prison and $5,500 in fines.


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