Three Parked Subarus Smashed In Hit-And-Run

LYNDON — Police are looking for a driver that damaged three Subarus for sale at the Auto Shed on Lynburke Road.

The crash at 1546 Lynburke Rd. happened sometime Saturday night or early Sunday, according to a report by Trooper Gabriel Schrauf of the Vermont State Police.

About 8 a.m. Sunday, troopers learned that three 2015 Subaru Crosstrek vehicles were damaged at the auto business. The vehicles, for sale, were parked next to each other on the lot. It appears the person responsible for the crash struck the rear driver’s side of the first Subaru, which was pushed into the second one. The impact then forced the second Subaru into the third.

Business owner Andy Mitchell said the vehicles were worth between $16,000 and $17,000 each. He said two of three Subarus are likely totalled.

The vehicles were parked about 30 feet from Lynburke Road, Mitchell said, but it looks like the vehicle that crashed into the Subarus entered the driveway and then struck the first car in the line. He said it appears the car was briefly airborne at one point prior to the crash.

“They must have been speeding along pretty good,” he said. The speed limit for that stretch of Lynburke Road (Route 5) is 50 mph.

The motorist who left the scene after the crash left some evidence behind. Mitchell said a broken piece of the car was marked with a GM parts number. Information related to the part number indicates the vehicle responsible for the crash is a Chevrolet Sonic from 2012 to 2014.

Tpr. Schrauf is asking for the public’s help in solving the hit-and-run crime. Anyone with information is asked to call him (802) 748-3111.

Mitchell said he hopes the search for the motorist is successful, “if nothing else to hold them responsible.”


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