Traveling Nurse Charged With Molesting Two NEK C0-Workers

Ivan Santiago appears in Orleans Superior Court by video on Tuesday, May 10, 2022.

A traveling nurse has been accused of molesting two co-workers at the Union Nursing Home in Glover.

Ivan Santiago, 48, pleaded not guilty in Orleans Superior Court in February to felony charges of aggravated assault and lewd and lascivious conduct.

Santiago is accused of strangling, making unwanted sexual contact with, and attempting to remove the clothing of a female staff member at the nursing home on Feb 25.

Orleans Superior Court

Santiago was then released on conditions after posting $10,000 bail.

Santiago currently lives in Portsmouth, N.H. but on Tuesday he received permission from the court to relocate to Rochester, N.Y.

Santiago told the court during the hearing that he plans to start a new day-shift job in New York at a place called “Wesley Gardens.”

According to an online search, “Wesley Gardens” is also a nursing home.

Vermont State Police say the alleged victim in the case told Santiago to stop touching her but he continued anyway.

“(She) stated she told Santiago to stop, he started to lift up her shirt, while she was squirming to get away, he was pulling her in to bite and kiss her neck,” wrote Tpr. Logan Miller in his report. “In speaking with (her) she told Santiago no at least twice. (She) stated Santiago then attempted to remove her shirt again.”

The alleged victim told police she was able to escape from Santiago and continue her duties by checking on the residents at the nursing home.

But according to court documents, Santiago allegedly approached her again and allegedly pulled her hair, grabbed her body and strangled her for approximately two minutes until she could not breathe. She told police she was able to escape from Santiago a second time by pushing him away with her shoulder and finding another co-worker.

Second Alleged Victim

At the time of the alleged incident, Santiago held an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) license in the state of Vermont which is overseen by the Vermont Office of Professional Regulation (OPR).

This led to a separate investigation conducted by OPR Detective Shawn R. McGarvin.

“While conducting my investigation for OPR, another staff member came forward and alleged a similar incident occurred to her in January 2022,” wrote Det. McGarvin in his report.

The second alleged victim told Det. McGarvin that Santiago was the “nurse in charge” and that in January he asked her to work the night shift since they were short-staffed. She agreed but said that while she was in the nursing home’s “break room,” Santiago entered and - after some discussion - asked her to stand up.

“Mr. Santiago picked her up and sat her on the counter and spread her legs and stood in between them,” wrote Det McGarvin. “She said the way Mr. Santiago stood prevented her from getting off the counter.”

According to the report, Santiago then began touching the woman inappropriately, tried to remove her clothes and bit her hard leaving a red mark on her chest.

“She advised she kept telling him to stop but he didn‘t listen,” wrote Det. McGarvin. “She advised the whole incident lasted approximately 20 minutes and stopped when the other LNA came back from her break.”

More Charges

As a result of the OPR investigation, Santiago was then charged in April with additional counts of felony lewd and lascivious conduct and misdemeanor simple assault and violating conditions of release. Santiago is accused of violating conditions by returning to the Union Nursing Home after being ordered not to by the court.

Santiago has pleaded not guilty to the second round of charges. According to online records, Santiago’s LPN license in the state of Vermont has been suspended.

Santiago faces a possible sentence of over 25 years in prison and $12,600 in fines if convicted on all five charges.

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