Water and Light Employee Ordered To Repay $350,000 To NHRS

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A former Woodsville Water and Light employee must repay a six-figure sum to the New Hampshire Retirement System.

Robert Fagnant was ordered to return more than $350,000 to the retirement system, according to a decision issued by the NHRS last month.

A forensic audit found that, between July 2009 and May 2020, Fagnant was wrongly classified as a part-time employee despite working full-time at 35 hours per week.

As a result, he wrongly collected $299,219.83 in pension overpayments and failed to contribute $64,720.34 to the retirement system over that time.

According to NHRS, in addition to collecting pension payments and a full-time salary, Fagnant also received full-time benefits (such as vacation pay, sick pay and health insurance) as well as compensatory time for overtime worked. The compensatory time does not appear in payroll records, but Fagnant cashed it out when he stopped working for Water and Light on May 7, 2020, according to NHRS.

Fagnant has appealed the decision.

Woodsville Water and Light was also found in violation and ordered to pay $127,427.97 in unpaid contributions. That payment has been received, NHRS officials confirmed.


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