Panic-stricken Animal Aided By Four Wheeler

by Peter Riviere

Perhaps a moose crossing will be the latest thing in wildlife management. The notion worked wonders Tuesday morning in relieving a "panic stricken" cow moose who was trapped by the south boundary fence of the Lancaster fairgrounds but too petrified to cross busy Route 3 without some encouragement.

The moose continued to box herself in a corner of the fence, then canter toward the roadway, only to retreat at the sight of passing traffic.

Other than for her ungainly head, the moose might have been a Morgan horse entered in a pleasure class, her canter was so well-gaited as she hoofed through the field, trying to make a choice.

"They don't know how to reverse themselves," said Conservation Officer Kevin Jordan, holding his clenched fist out and remarking, "Their brain's only about this big," reminding one of the saying, "Size 20 neck, size two hat."

Once the traffic was stopped, Mark Derosiers of the nearby North Country 4x4 mounted a four-wheel all-terrain vehicle and drove behind the animal, with Jordan urging caution should the animal panic and charge.

After a few false starts, she pranced her way down the fence line and warily hoofed her way across the road, looking back at the dilemma she had escaped.

The moose has been seen recently in the business district, checking out the new courthouse, ordering coffee mousse at the Dunkin' Donuts drive-up window, and generally becoming a curiosity with the other wildlife observed in the downtown area.

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