by Peter Riviere

A quick moving fire flattened a seldom used storage shed just off the Maplewood Coif Course and Casino's 17th hole late Saturday night in what course manager Trevort Howard termed suspicious.

The flames from the fire could be seen from the firehouse and as far away as Pine Tree Power on Route 116 in Bethlehem.

Fire Chief Jack Anderson confirmed that the fire was suspicious saying "It's the second in four months. "I'm concerned we're getting a pattern, but not alarmed."

Howard said the building was locked, contained no fuel and the power was terminated at a nearby utility pole.

The last suspicious fire was in an unoccupied structure on Trudeau Road in mid-April.

"It must have been set," said Howard who noted, "it could have been worse, if it had been our maintenance shed. That would have gone up in a hurry."

At the scene Saturday night Anderson said "they're all suspicious until you find out how they started."

To help determine the cause he put in a call for assistance from the state fire marshal's office.

Howard said some casino furniture and a pool table were stored in the building.

Whitefield sent a tanker to assist but there was little for firefighters to do but douse the heaping fire of the collapsed building.

Limbs in overhanging pines near the building were scorched upwards of 50-60 feet high.

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