by Todd Wellington

The executive board of the Northeast Kingdom Waste Management District on Wednesday named David S. Ormiston, 31, of Lyndonville, as its acting executive director.

Ormiston, who has served as NEKWMD's programs coordinator since April, replaces departing director Lou Thompson on Friday

According to NEKWMD Chairman David Dill, both Ormiston and the district will evaluate each other through the summer before deciding whether to make the arrangement a permanent one.

"We're calling it acting director because we're entering into a three-month trial period to give David a chance to carry out some of his ideas and evaluate the job," Dill said. "The district will be looking at David, and David will be looking at the district."

Originally from Cohasset, Mass., Ormiston received his undergraduate degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and his master's degree in natural resources planning from the University of Vermont.

He is a member of the Lyndon Outing Club ski patrol and a lifelong Red Sox fan.

Ormiston has actually been holding down two jobs for the last three months. Besides programs coordinator, he has also been serving as zoning administrator for the town of Lyndon, a job he will be phased out of due to the demands of his new job.

"I'm gonna miss it," said Ormiston. "It's a shame that I'm leaving after three months but I'll still be around, helping with the transition."

Dill noted that one of the reasons Ormiston was a candidate for the director's job in the first place was the impression he made in his short time as programs coordinator. "In those three months, he showed a lot of talent, initiative, and other qualities, which impressed the executive board," said Dill.

There are no plans at this point to replace Ormiston in the coordinator job. In fact, that position and its job description will be re-evaluated, along with the rest of the district, over the next two months.

"Lou is leaving," said Dill, "so we are using the change as an opportunity to review the entire district operation." For his part, Ormiston is anxious to get to work. "A major priority is to communicate with the district towns, identify their needs, and set attainable goals to meet those needs," he said.

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