The Caledonian-Record will soon celebrate our region’s superior high school athletes at the annual NNEKY sports award banquet and has decided on the top two athletes in the sportsmanship and character category of honors.

The Record’s fifth annual Northern New Hampshire & Northeast Kingdom Yearly High School Sports Award banquet will honor Jon Austin, from White Mountains Regional High School, and Anne Potter, from North Country Union High School because they’re the best at modeling sportsmanship and exceptional character in athletics and beyond.

The criteria for the award include: Athlete’s positive effect on school sports culture and game environments; Clear demonstration of sportsmanship defined as behavior exhibited during competition by student-athletes based on respect and integrity; Displayed acts of integrity that go beyond the sport’s playing rules and etiquette; Puts other players’ needs ahead of his/her own; Charitable work, community involvement. They are chosen from nominees provided by representatives from the schools the The Record covers.

Staff at the newspaper selects the top two from the nominees and this year Jonathon Austin and Anne Potter stand above the rest as athletes with good character promoting sportsmanship.

Jon Austin

Kerry Brady, director of athletics at WMRHS, helped Record staff make Jon their choice for the sportsmanship honor with her comments.

“Jon has been a driving force of Sparta in his high school career,” she wrote. “He’s a dedicated 3 sport athlete (Cross Country, Wrestling, Track and Field), a good student, he’s been apart of theatre and helped lead the Blue Zoo for home basketball games. He did an ELO with the strength and conditioning coach and led workouts for a small group of students for his Senior Seminar program. I was very impressed with his ability to lead and coach and he was constantly picking my brain about how to become a better Strength Coach and what he needed to complete to become qualified after college.”

Jon is a four-time state champion wrestler. He’ll be continuing with the sport at Minot State University.

Anne Potter

Said Phil Joyal, athletic director at North Country Union High School, “Anne is an amazing student athlete that has contributed so much to our athletic program, our school, and community.”

He called her an “outstanding leader who is always willing to help.”

Joyal used words like “integrity,” “honesty,” and “sticks to her morals” to describe Anne.

“She is a giver who puts the needs of others before her own,” he said. “She is truly motivated to do her best and to help others do theirs.”

A SuperFan program that documents and rewards students for attending games and events was started at North Country this year, said Joyal, and “Anne dominated the school wide competition.”

She cheers, encourages and congratulates her teammates and opponents, he noted.

Her prowess in athletics is marked by her accomplishments in indoor and outdoor track and soccer. Apart from athletic competition, Anne participates in band and chorus and volunteers to sing the national anthem at home basketball games.

She is an active member of our Athletic Leadership Council. She won the 2018 Griffith Coaches Award and the 2019 NFHS Award of Excellence.

“Anne defines what it means to be a successful student athlete,” said Joyal. “Her hard work, dedication, character, and approach to her student athlete experience are what all high school athletes should try to emulate.”

This year’s dinner banquet celebrating our top athletes, including Jon and Anne, will be held at NVU-Lyndon on July 10. A red carpet reception begins at 5:30 p.m., followed by a three-course banquet, award presentations, and keynote speech. A limited number of tickets are on sale now at

For more information on the NNEKY awards visit or email Glen Jardine at


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