by Roger LeCours

The town recreation committee will hold its next meeting at 7 p.m., Aug. 4, at llodgdon Memorial Field, at the corner of Lower Cherry and Cottage streets.

Town Manager Dan Hill said the committee will discuss the various proposals offered for the use of the property. The site was donated to the town last year by the family of Wendell and Anne Ainsworth in memory of her parents, Paul and Marion Hodgdon.

"I am going to invite all of the adjoining landowners to that meeting so that we can get their input," said Hill.

The manager said many good ideas have been presented for the use of Hodgdon Field. Last year, students at Hazen Union conducted a survey among their peers and provided a long list of possibilities.

Among the most feasible of the student proposals was a skating rink, basketball court, a rink for in-line skating, and tennis courts, said Hill.

Peewee baseball games were held at the field this summer and parents and children have used the field for various activities.

Meanwhile, another recreation project is also being considered by town officials and the recreation committee.

Hill said he has filed permit requests with the state on a proposal to upgrade the beach at Mackville Pond.

"The recreation committee wants to upgrade the beach so that swimming lessons can be held there instead of at Caspian Lake in Greensboro. This would save them the cost of busing and it would also make a better use of the property," Hill said. The manager said it is hoped local contractors will be willing to donate time and equipment to the task of grading the beach area and placing sand at the bottom of Mackville Pond. Town officials have long felt that greater use should be made of the Mackville Pond site.

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