by Dan Bustard

Recreation director Harry Corrow countered complaints heard over his handling of the city dock at Monday night's city council meeting while council members again called for the bathroom and shower facilities to be fixed as soon as possible.

Last week, the state of the facilities was described as dirty by audience and council members. Corrow said the problem could have been addressed in June if the matter had been placed on an agenda, as he had expected.

"I certainly want it taken care of. I did my homework," said Corrow, referring to numbers he put together on the cost of fixing the problem. "Why wasn't this put on (the council's agenda) in a timely fashion?"

While some members of the council said they did not know the extent of the problem, Corrow continued in his efforts to "clear his name" while pointing out the situation could have been addressed three years ago for $4,960.

That amount was cut during the budget process, but council members asked Corrow why the funding request has not been seen since and not to point fingers.

The director said only so many projects can get funded, though it seemed like any ideas that people "scream and holler" over do get priority.

Mayor Karin Zisselsberger said, "I thought it was all taken care of. That should have never been cut, in my opinion," while Alderman John Ward a~ proached the situation from a different perspective.

"Something's not right here," said Ward, referring to a June vote by the council to move on the bathrooms. "This is a horror show. This is a waste of time and effort."

Ward moved the old plans from three years ago be considered and pursued, and a new pump for the city dock also be purchased. Those are some of the concerns raised at recent meetings by boaters like Sandra Chaplin, who wrote a letter to the council outlining her concerns last week.

Chaplin also pushed for a full-time person at the docks during the summer. "The problems will remain without a full-time person," she said.

While Chaplin said the city should have known about a boat regatta and had more than one person at the dock, Corrow said he was never notified. The director also said council directives to keep a flat budget over the years have made it difficult to address such issues while attempting to maintain and build on existing programs.

"It'll get done. We don't want this to happen again," Zisselsberger said.

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