A rod of rebar launched from the top of a truck and speared an occupied child safety seat in an Interstate 89 crash in Colchester Wednesday afternoon. The one-year-old child was not hurt.

Vermont State Police reported that Christopher Larose, 44, of Swanton, was driving a 2018 Chevrolet truck behind a 2015 Subaru Outback driven by Brenton Elliott, 38, of Milford, Conn. on Wednesday afternoon. On top of the truck was a load of rebar rods.

State police noted that both Larose and Elliott were driving in the passing lane when they needed to break quickly for traffic. According to the report, an unsecured rod of rebar was launched forward, through the back window of the Outback and through the back seat into the car seat.

The child in the seat was uninjured but transported to the University of Vermont Medical Center as a precaution.

State police reported that traveling on the public highway with unsecured loads carries a fine of $134.

The violation of Title 23 VSA 1454 (Unsecured Loads) carries (0) points on a driver’s license but a fine of $134.

The owner of the truck, SD Ireland, was issued a Vermont Civil Violation Complaint for securing loads, a violation of Title 23 VSA 1454. Title 23 VSA 1454 states, “A person shall not operate a motor vehicle nor draw a trailer, or semi-trailer on a highway unless the motor vehicle, trailer or semi-trailer is so constructed and loaded that it will create no hazard to other users of the highway.”


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