WORCESTER, Mass. (AP) — At the Worcester PopUp gallery, her title is executive director of snuggles.

G.G., a 4-year-old chihuahua-pug mix, was found three months ago wandering around Worcester Regional Airport, apparently abandoned.

After no one came to claim her for nearly a month at the Worcester Animal Rescue League shelter, she was adopted by Hank von Hellion, program director at the Worcester PopUp.

Now G.G. is more or less the official greeter at the downtown gallery at 20 Franklin St.

"She's a goodwill ambassador," said Mr. von Hellion, 38, who brings G.G. to work with him each day at the creative space for art and live performances that the Worcester Cultural Coalition operates across from the Common.

"For most of the events I let her wander around free," said Mr. von Hellion, who said G.G. brings a smile, especially to artists nervous about their first gallery show. "She's a bit of a comfort dog."

At a recent figure-drawing session in the gallery, G.G. greeted everyone, and when not climbing onto laps, she sniffed at art supplies and modeling clay to see if anything tasty lay within.

"What she really liked was when Ryan Reynolds was here filming," Mr. von Hellion said. "We were rented out as a sort-of holding tank for extras. We had 30, 40, 50 people dressed up in costume. She was having a ball. She was here all day long running through legs, getting petted.

"She's very aware of how cute she is," he said.

Wednesday at the gallery, G.G. wore a shirt that read, "Security." Said Mr. von Hellion: "She has more clothes than I do. She has a tutu that says "BFF," a little punk-rock jean jacket with the sleeves cut off and studs, and a rainbow-striped bathing top."

She was found abandoned at the airport in early May. "They thought she'd had more than one litter," Mr. von Hellion said. "Our best guess is, someone had used her to breed puppies, and when the owners decided they didn't want to deal with her anymore, they left her."

At the Worcester Animal Rescue League shelter at 139 Holden St., the volunteers called her Sunshine. "They were sad to see her go," said Mr. von Hellion, who upon adopting her named her G.G., after Greta Garbo. "She is kind of a diva," he explained.

Now G.G. lives with Mr. von Hellion at his home in Leicester, joins him for three-mile runs - keeping up the whole way, he says - and accompanies him to work at the gallery.

"I really can't understand why anyone would give her up," he said.

During the day he takes her for walks, to the Brew on the Grid coffee shop, on Thursdays to the Out to Lunch farmers market on the Common, and once in a while to meetings with the boss at City Hall. "She has met the city manager," he said. "I don't think she has met the mayor yet."

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