Less than a week after a Hardwick man was charged with illegal drug possession during a traffic stop, his little brother was stopped in the same pick-up truck and also charged with drug offenses.

Kevin Fradette, 26, was picked up on an arrest warrant Tuesday, one day after he failed to appear for arraignment in Caledonia Superior Court on multiple charges. Fradette pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor charges of cocaine possession, heroin possession and driving with a suspended license, and released on conditions by Judge Thomas J. Devine.

Caledonia Superior Court

According to a Hardwick police affidavit, Officer Christopher Tetreault said he was traveling east on Route 15 at 1:03 a.m. on March 1 when a tan pick-up truck traveling in front of him took a sudden right hand turn onto Brown Farm Road in Hardwick and “appeared to go up a hill like it was in a hurry.” Tetreault followed the truck and ran its license plate and learned it was registered to Christopher Fradette, 35.

“The same male who I arrested a few nights prior for possession of heroin and crack operating the same truck,” wrote Tetreault in his report. Tetreault said the truck made a quick turn into a residential yard where he knew Fradette didn’t live and suspected whoever was driving the truck was trying to evade him, according to the report.

Tetreault said he then came upon a man walking up the hill near 369 Brown Farm Rd., but it wasn’t Christopher Fradette, it was his brother Kevin Fradette.

“I stopped in the road and rolled down my window to asked him why he was walking,” wrote Tetreault. “Fradette avoided telling me why he was walking and started small talk about his brother getting arrested. I asked Fradette, ‘Why you driving his truck?’”

Tetreault said he then learned from dispatch that Kevin Fradette’s license was under criminal suspension. Tetreault then asked Fradette why he had suddenly pulled the truck into a residence where he didn’t live. Fradette told him he was traveling alone from a church on Route 16 and the truck was overheating, so he pulled into the residence.

Tetreault then arrested Fradette for driving with a suspended license. Police said they later discovered that Tetreault was in possession of small amounts of heroin and cocaine.

“He told me he was sorry and that he struggles with addiction,” wrote Tetreault in his report.

Christopher Fradette and his girlfriend Peggy Lou Patoine, 45, were arrested and charged with possession of crack cocaine and heroin while traveling on a class four road in Hardwick on Feb. 25. Both pleaded not guilty to the charges in Caledonia Superior Court.


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