Ariel Quiros Sr. Defends Himself, Asks Feds to Un-Freeze Assets

FILE PHOTO Ariel Quiros Sr., whose attorney filed an emergency motion in U.S. District Court in Miami, asking to have his assets unfrozen; the federal government froze his assets last week as part of a federal case alleging he masterminded a fraudulent scheme which misappropriated more than $200 million of investor funds; Quiros is personally accused of using another $50 million for personal use.

On Friday the SEC filed a motion intended to keep most of Ari Quiros' assets frozen as part of its legal action against the EB-5 developer.

Quiros has asked the court to unfreeze $300,000 in monthly professional expenses and $100,000 in "living expenses."

The SEC argues "approximately $90,000 of the monthly expenses are for luxury items, non-necessities, or for undocumented expenses. Accordingly, the Court should deny his request."

Among Quiros' reported expenses:

• Adult Daughter’s Living Expenses: $6,310

• Granddaughter’s Trips to Florida: $590/month

• Adult Daughter’s Cable/Internet Service: $267/month

• Adult Daughter’s Maintenance Charges: $1,737/month

• Adult Son’s Living Expenses: $5,000/month

• Lease for one of Several Luxury Automobiles: $3,295/month

• Lease for Wife’s Luxury Car: $1,761/month

• Yacht Club Fee: $147/month

• Military Jeep Collection Storage, Upkeep: $3,000/month

• Maintenance and Property Taxes on Luxury New York Condominium: approximately $5,800/month

• Parking and Cable/Internet/Phone relating to Luxury New York Condominium: $865/month

• Expenses relating to Bahamas Condominium: $239/month

• Property Taxes on Vermont Properties: $15,583/month

• Property Insurance for Vermont, New York and Florida Properties: $1,477/month

• Expenses For a Money Losing Restaurant: $15,000/month

• Office Expenses for Unspecified Businesses: approximately $6,000/month

• Personal Assistants: $6,650 a month

• Semi-annual payment for 8-year-old granddaughter’s private elementary school tuition: $21,775 (total $45,000/year)

• Medical Insurance: $5,414/month

• Homeowners Association Fee: $379/month

• AT&T: $184/month

• Cell Phone Bill: $732/month

• Homeowners Insurance: $3,447/month

• Lexington Insurance umbrella policy: $2,052/month

• Goods, gas, household items, and medications: $5,000/month

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