by Kristen Miller

Though the graduating class was small, neither the ceremony or the gathering was at Union Baptist Church on Sunday afternoon.

Friends, relations and community members gathered for the Union Baptist Christian School graduation of six young women.

While subject matter varied, each senior stood up and gave a testimonial of their faith in God, before receiving a diploma.

"I won't ever forget God is going to help me get through life," said Jessica Lynn 11am.

Ham's sentiment was echoed later on by Rebecca Ann Smith, who commented on God's strength.

"WithoutGod'sstrengthI wouldn't be where I am today," said Smith, who thanked her teachers for all they've done.

"I will never forget any of the teachers I have had here over the years - thank you so much," said Smith.

SchooladministratorWilliam Siems presented awards to each senior. Some awards included:

KristineLynetteAchilles: Christian Leadership Award, high honor roll all four marking periods, all "A's" on Bible memory work, Bible quiz team member, and a $200 scolarship to the Word of Life Bible Institute, where she will be attending school next fall. ShannaFayeDeLaBruere: Most Improved Student, Bible quiz member. She will be attending the Word of Life Bible Institute, next fall. Emily Ginelle Dussault: Certificate for making the honor roll all four marking periods, she will be attending University of Vermont's School of Dental Hygiene, next fall. Jessica Lynn Ham: Honor roll all four marking periods, Bible quiz team member, all "A's" on Bible memory, and trophy. She will be attending Gardener Web University in North Carolina next fall. Tanya Charline Ribble: Bible memory ribbon, high honors all four marking periods, Bible quiz winner, and class valedictorian. She will be attending Bible Baptist College in Pennsylvania next year. Rebecca Ann Smith: Bible quiz member, Bible memory ribbon, honor roll all four marking periods and award for the Committee of National Day of Prayer. She will be attending Bob Jones University next fall.

A special award was given to Jessica Ham from a member of the U.S. Army Reserve. Ham was awarded the Scholar/Athlete Award.

After some special music sung by Kevin Kadamus, a graduation address was given by Mike Schrock, a Bob Jones representative for New England and New York.

During Schrock's intensely energetic speech, he challenged students to remember success is not measured by knowledge.

"Add to your faith virtue, and to yourvirtue,knowledge," said Schrock.

Hequestionedwhether their education would turn out to be a success.

"Has your Christian school been a success with these graduates? Only time will tell," said Schrock, who told graduates they never graduate from the Bible.

After studentsreceivedtheir diplomas, Tanya Ribble delivered the senior class challenge to the junior class.

"In all that you do, do in the glory of God," said Ribble.

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