by Art Edelstein

It's amazing how easily we can miss what is around and near us. When I lived in New York I never went to the Statue of Liberty. Some Bostonians never get to the USS Constitution docked in Boston harbor. Why be a tourist in our own backyard?

So it is with the Internet. While we might spend hours online searching for an exotic place to visit in Indonesia or Peru, we may never visit a Vermontbased Web site.

Recently I took some time to catch up with several of the better Vermont sites.

At the All Vermont Pages sit at, a Holstein cow greets you. The site offers a variety of links to many other Vermont sites and lists the Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing first. A Vermont Jobs Link follows. The Vermont Chamber of Commerce site is also prominent on this page.

You can get to most state agencies and a variety of other government sites from this page by following the links. Clicking on another digital Holstein brings up Announcements and Events but this page was sorely out of date and hadn't been updated since May 18. This is far too long a wait between updates. This is frequently a problem with part-time Web masters who do this for a hobby. Luckily there are newspapers to catch up with announcements and events.

Students will like this Web site because there is a report homework section that includes a lot of basic Vermont history and geographic information.

I thought I was going to find a lot of information at the Vermont Web site: because the date was current. There was both a word-related search engine and an alphabetic listing of categories from A to Z. I used the word-related Web search to check the listings for "hobbies" but got no response. I did "local news" again to no avail. I can only surmise the day I did my test the server for this site was having problems.

Pauls Frickin Vermont Page: by Paul Bissex is well done for a personal page. Paul has included a long list of links to other Vermont pages including most government offices. There's a comprehensive listing of local colleges, the arts and sights. A link here, Vermont MedNet, intrigued me so I followed the links to and then to health care resources on the net where I found medical links.

Paul's page also linked me to the NOAA weather site for Vermont so I could check the weather.

A new service from the Plainfield Bypass, a local Internet service provider, is Vermonters.Com at Here in this free service are discussion forums, Roger Hills weather forecast, Vermont news and information, and free classifieds for Vermonters.

The site also is asking, "What do you think of the pending tobacco industry settlement? Let your opinion be known in the Proposed Tobacco Settlement.

The site will soon include: a Vermontwide e-mail address directory. Happenings - a place to post upcoming events & amp; announcements Buy, Sell, Barter - basically, the classifleds and Private Forums for organizations and business.

If you haven't bookmarked the state of Vermont's homepage at you should. This site could save a lot of phone calls to state agencies, and a lot of time and effort tracking down information. The state has been good about putting its agencies online. Currently there are links to most if not all executive branch agencies and departments. There are also links to the judicial and legislative branches and a variety of other Vermont Related and Sites of Interest.

When looking for Vermont information, if all fails I suggest doing a word search on one of the search engines. Yahoo is particularly good in this area. Let us know what new Vermont sites you find!

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