by Dana Gray

A New Hampshire state trooper on Tuesday joined the town's police chief in an investigation of a break-in at the town's post office/fire department building. It is the town's fourth break-in in the last two months.

Both Police Chief Maynard Fan and Trooper Bob Bruno of New Hampshire State Police Troop F in Twin Mountain would give no details of the Monday night incident, saying the case was under investigation.

"We're just trying to put it together at this point," said Bruno. Fan, who also heads the town's fire department, said he didn't find anything missing from the firehouse. The town's postmaster, Stephen Smas, said nothing was taken from the post office.

What was taken was Monroe Store owner Lothar Riba's ladder. It was brought from the side of his store/apartment building to the back of the post office building. The person or people responsible for the break-in used the ladder to get to a vent. Entry into the building was gained through the vent.

On Tuesday, the ladder lay on the embankment next to the building. The break-in at the post office follows three earlier break-ins at the Monroe Consolidated School. Fan said the school burglaries occurred in July and August. Those break-ins, said Fan, are also still under investigation.

"Unless something does break, I won't be releasing any information," said Fan.

He hopes that anyone who knows anything about the break-ins will call him or the New Hampshire State Police.

Riba said street lights have been broken recently and the town garage was entered and a town truck's radio was stolen.

He said no official information has been released about the criminal behavior in the town.

"You can't protect yourself if you don't know what's going on," said Riba.

Fan said the crimes now under investigation are usually not something Monroe faces.

"It's usually a quiet town," he said.

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