Address the broken government

To the Editor:

It is time again to be able to cast our votes for persons that believe that they would be good candidates for the office that they have selected to run for.

It has been my opinion that candidates throwing in their hats for official positions within U.S., State, and Municipal Governments are very good in telling you all just what you want to hear, if the conversations or actions contain anything that is controversial or has anything that might be close to showing some common sense, this area never seems to be addressed.

One area that I am very much aware of, child abuse. Child abuse is bad and should not be tolerated, however, this is where common sense sets in. Christmas time comes to mind, I am in a shopping mall with various stores, I am in the toy area and there are children taking toys of the shelves, the toys not boxed are on the floor, the boxed toys will be out of the boxes/containers and also be on the floor where the children can play with them. The parents become aware of the situation and makes statements like this: if I spank my child or force them to put things back on the shelf and someone sees me do this and reports that I abused my child to the authorities, they will take my children away from me, thus I became stereotyped, and the burden falls on my shoulders to prove that I was not abusing my child, I was teaching my children that they were wrong and were punished because they were doing things that were wrong.

The system, when it was established was probably very good, but as usual, you give the government an inch they will take a mile and this is a proven fact.

Please remember and let it be known, when a position and or office is established within the government, to be able to have job security and be able to have promotions, awards, appraisals, etc., this can only happen by how many people you can make a case with and be put on the rolls, if one does not accomplish this, the employment is not there anymore. So be it, lets get more cases and people on the rolls, we can go up the ladder. Job security is how many people you can put on the rolls, not how many you can take off the rolls.

This is just one area of the system, this is true for all Government Social programs, welfare, unemployment, etc., Medicare is not part of this, it is paid for by the working people, however, the government keeps on borrowing from it to pay for other agendas, to include Medicaid. Medicaid also gives people more that Medicare ever thought of and people on Medicare cannot get the full benefits that people on Medicaid have available to them. The system can be fixed, not overnight of course, by the people elected to represent" we the people", however, I haven't seen too much accomplished or being of concern to our elected officials to address the broken areas of government. I also understand the statement, ( you pat my back and I will pat your back), so then, do I want to be controversial and have and work with common sense?


Brian D. McNeal

Newport, Vt.


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