Civility And Parents

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If students swear at teachers, they would probably be disciplined. Rightfully so. But it seems some schools have a new problem today: rude parents. The Winnisquam Regional and Franklin school districts in New Hampshire are considering a civility policy. Parents who violate the policy would be asked to leave school property. In the case of an abusive phone call, the policy would allow teachers to hang up. "It & acute;s not uncommon to have parents who yell, use profanity or physically intimidate teachers," said Christine Tyrie, the superintendent of SAU 18, which includes Hill and Franklin.

It & acute;s a sad state of affairs indeed if such behavior is not uncommon. Parents who think they have a gripe - and in some cases a legitimate gripe - with the school system, should be able to find a better way of expressing themselves. But it & acute;s little wonder some teachers have a discipline problem in the classroom if adults set such a bad example for youngsters. Taxpayers expect teachers to teach their subject material. Teachers shouldn & acute;t have to spend all their time teaching the good manners pupils should have learned at home.

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