I am writing in response to the article by Todd Wellington in Wednesday’s Caledonian-Record concerning accusations of bias on the Lyndon Planning Commission.

Having an opinion is not bias. An opinion is a value judgment based on interpretation, which may change considering new information. Bias restricts acknowledgement of a different viewpoint and is unlikely to change even if new information is presented.

It is my opinion that all seven members of the Lyndon Planning Commission, who certainly have their own opinions, take great care to understand the needs of the community as a whole and make thoughtful, transparent, unbiased decisions and recommendations utilizing all available information. Evan Carlson has not demonstrated an unfair bias as a member of the Planning Commission and has done nothing to warrant a request for his resignation. Evan has worked tirelessly on behalf of the Lyndon community for the past three years and brings a refreshing, positive energy to local economic development and planning.

For those of you who do not know Evan, he has been an integral part of Lyndon’s planning and economic development efforts since returning to his hometown. Evan immediately threw himself into community revitalization efforts by actively participating in Lyndon’s 2017 VRCD Community Visit, building upon this collaborative planning process to bring the community’s vision generated from this initiative to fruition. Evan has continued to champion the community’s Economic Development Committee and partnered with Northern Vermont University (NVU) to make the successful Do North Coworking space, a state-of-the-art facility and resource hub for 37 remote workers and startups, a reality.


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