For those who travel Interstate highways, I am certain you are familiar with those super expensive tax payer purchased solar message traffic boards that communicate thoughts such as “Click-it or ticket,” “Rest area open-remember to wear a mask”, “Exit to text it” and other mindless cautions that I believe have never saved a life or prevented an accident and may even unsafely distract drivers.

I was traveling I-89 and saw one of these message boards that advised that 62 people had died this year on Vermont Highways and that 59 had died of COVID-19. It puzzled me why the two messages were combined but when I learned of Governor Scott’s prohibition on family gatherings for Thanksgiving, it became clear. Could it be that he was using this message to justify the prohibition on Thanksgiving gatherings with loved ones and friends? He could claim he wanted to keep people at home and away from others so they will not be infected and die from the virus and will also not be killed in a crash on the way to Grandma’s house.

How is it then that his directive only dealt with the virus threat and not the highway threat? Even if you believe the questionable pandemic death count, it is less than the deaths on Vermont roads. Why didn’t he warn us and order us to be sober if we drive? Why did he only used his office to issue an unenforceable authoritarian decree to restrict us from engaging in a wholesome, traditional, seasonal activity with loved ones but did nothing to encourage “sober driving” during this same period? The Vermont State Police have reported that traffic accidents are up this year even though travel is down, so why did he not feel it important to speak of that since more people have died of highway wrecks than of COVID-19?

Can we forget that this is the governor who allowed S.54, legal sale of cannabis, to become law, that will surely increase the use of this addictive, impairing drug, leading to more deaths on the highway? How in the world can he justify such an irresponsible decision? Over and over we hear that one of his main objectives is to “protect the most vulnerable”. He claims to follow the science when he makes decisions but ignored all the medical facts and authority when he took us down the path of cannabis legalization for recreational use. It is a known scientific fact that many brains of our “vulnerable” young people will be irreversibly damaged, and that “vulnerable” people will die and kill others as the result of impaired drivers.


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