The headline of an Aug. 18 report in the new York Times read, “Trump Tax Cut Unlocking Millions.” The story was not about recent income tax legislation touted as a benefit to ordinary Americans. Instead it describes how the tax cut largess to corporations and the wealthiest persons in the country is being given back in contributions to help continue in power the very members of Congress who composed the tax cut law.

Interference with the outcome of elections around the world and here in this country has a long history. As we know, for more than a year probes have been underway to determine to whatever extent the Russians managed to alter the outcome of our elections in 2016, and whether the current administration cooperated in such a crime.

What this New York Times expose reveals is that corporations and billionaires who benefited from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 are funneling a significant portion of their gains back into Republican House and Senate races in order to keep those in power who composed the legislation. It is the most naked expression of public corruption one can imagine, one of cause and effect, one of design - in fact, an election fundraising scheme.

Las Vegas casino magnate Sheldon Adelson reported a $700-million profit from the Tax Cuts Act. He has contributed $30-million of that gain to Republican members of Congress struggling to maintain their offices against a torrent of news that their associates are criminals.


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