Our talented Cagle-Cartoons-Colleague Patrick Chappatte lives in Switzerland and drew for many years for the international edition of The New York Times; his cartoons appeared prominently on The New York Times Web site and it looked like Patrick was close to getting the cartoon-phobic Old Gray Lady to embrace him as it’s editorial cartoonist for all of their editions when an obscure editor in Hong Kong selected an anti-Semitic cartoon by another cartoonist to run in the Times’ international edition. The Times over-reacted, not by educating, or firing the errant editor, but by banning all traditional editorial cartoons from all of the their editions. Patrick is the only cartoonist I’ve ever heard of, who was fired because of a cartoon that someone else drew, and because of a bad decision made by someone else’s editor.

Cartoonists are still angry with The New York Times, but Patrick has landed on his feet; he now draws for the European newspapers Le Temps and NZZ am Sontag; we’re proud to syndicate Patrick’s excellent work. Read about the NY Times dropping all editorial cartoons and read Patrick’s response. Cartoonists from around the world drew cartoons in support of Patrick when he was fired, see some of them here.

See the cartoons that Patrick selected as his favorite cartoons of the decade for USA Today where you can click on each image to see a very big, pretty view, or see Patrick’s favorites on this page by scrolling down.  See the complete archive of Patrick’s syndicated cartoons here.


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