Victoria's Secret, Age-Appropriate Fun And You

It was all a misunderstanding, an overreaction, a tempest in a teapot.

That's the official word over the recent furor surrounding the Victoria's Secret "Bright Young Things" campaign for its PINK line. Enraged parents got their panties in a wad over, well, panties. Petitions and boycotts were organized to chastise the company for allegedly targeting teenage and pre-teen girls with attire that included panties sporting racy messages such as "Call Me," "I Dare You" and "It's Now Or Never."

The company quickly responded that it was aiming the ads at the college-age and spring break crowd and that any youngsters allured by the message were merely collateral damage. It's more than a little disheartening that society has become so blase and coarsened that we accept this postponement of invitations to fornication with a sigh of relief. ("Whew! Glad to know those tuition checks are going so my daughter can put a 4.0 in Appreciation of Brand-Name Lingerie on her resume someday!")


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