By avoiding best practices in a vote-by-mail effort practiced in other states, our Secretary of State Jim Condos is opening Vermont up to questions of electoral fraud.

On The Morning Drive radio show three weeks ago, Secretary of State Jim Condos discussed his decision to mail a ballot to all addresses on the voter checklist. “We had two important principles that we were following. One, we had to preserve every Vermonter’s right to vote. Two, we had to respect the health and safety of not just the voters, but also the town clerks and poll workers.”

A caller asked Condos, “(In order) to police voter fraud on the mail-in ballots, do you have people’s signatures on record so that you can see if it’s them actually voting?”

Condos responded, “We are not a signature verification state. We don’t have signatures on file. We would have to get almost half a million signatures from people. And signatures are not always the end-all. There’s a lot of defective ballots because people’s signatures change over time.”


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