The Legislature has adjourned. That might bring a sigh of relief for you, but not so fast. They plan to come back in one month and spend more of your money. Watch out and do not let them get away with it.

Democrat legislative leadership has kicked the can down the road again. Instead of following the governor’s plan to cut back state spending on state government in response to COVID-19, the Democratic majority pushed through a bill to reverse these cuts and fully-fund more state spending.

This means the Democrat controlled legislature effectively has no plan to deal with the state’s mounting revenue shortfall in the hundreds of millions. Instead, they’re holding out hope that Congress will allow them to use CARES Act funds to plug structural budget holes, which is wishful thinking at best. That money was not meant for them to spend this way, but was meant for hurting Vermonters.

So, once again, irresponsible legislative leadership has punted the tough fiscal decisions to another time. And, let us be clear. This is not all due to COVID-19. We went into FY2020 facing a nearly $80 million budget gap thanks to unfunded pension liabilities, out-of-control Medicaid spending, and a bloated bureaucracy, all planned, approved, and passed by the current leadership in the legislature and their supermajority.


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