Dr. Sandy Reider wrote a lengthy Guest Commentary in the CR on Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2021 entitled “COVID and our youth.” The article was written to discourage parents from having their children vaccinated against COVID-19. COVID vaccines are safe and effective in preventing COVID infections, including in children. This is a fact, proven by well controlled studies that have been and are being published in peer-reviewed medical jounals every day. Most recently, a study was published that shows the mRNA vaccine made by Pfizer is safe and effective in children ages 5 to 11.

Dr. Reider’s article has the potential to do severe harm to our public’s health and cannot stand as stated. Dr. Reider went to great lengths to disparage COVID vaccines and discourage parents from having their children get vaccinated against the SARS-CoV-2 virus through the use of often used misinformation available on the internet, and only on the internet. The Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), a British non-profit, has dedicated a website on exposing this misinformation. Please visit www.counterhate.com to look up some of Dr. Reider’s “evidence.” Also, take a look at www.NEJM.org/COVID to see some of the finest research being done on COVID-19.

COVID-19 infection has caused 730,000 deaths in the U.S. and 5,000,000 deaths worldwide. This pandemic is like nothing we have ever experienced on earth, including the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1919, which the COVID-19 Pandemic surpassed in deaths and disability last month, and is still continuing. The worldwide medical community has responded to this pandemic with heroic efforts. Healthcare workers have held the line and cared for hundreds of millions of people stricken by this illness. I have personally been involved in this battle for the past 20 months at NVRH. I can tell you first hand what this virus does to people. Hearing people that are not on the front line making up theories about how to treat this disease and disparaging the treatments that have been proven to help patients based on their “internet research” is infuriating and a great disservice to all of the healthcare workers that have toiled on the front lines since March of 2020.

Dr. Reider used a barrage of misinformation about the COVID pandemic and COVID vaccines to make his argument that everything the world has been doing to combat this virus has been wrong and probably harmful. His most damaging statement was that “harms from the vaccines are greater than the risk of contracting and recovering from COVID-19.” He makes this baseless claim using VAERS data, a voluntary submission service provided by the CDC to look for trends in side-effects, adverse reactions, and deaths from the vaccines. These numbers are not verified, they are subjective reports. Used incorrectly they can be used to misinform people about vaccine effects and make outlandish statements such as those made by Dr Reider.

Comparing the efforts of the worldwide medical community to combat COVID-19 to the Nuremberg experiments in Nazi Germany would not normally engender a response from a physician working daily to help people suffering from this terrible disease but not only Dr. Reider uses this analogy. Another promoter of misinformation uses this analogy to help her argument, Allison Despathy, an author of a similar treatise meant to confuse and discourage people from getting medical treatment. What is the motivation for this activity? How did these beliefs get started? Apparently the roots go back to 12 key people on the internet. They sell products on their websites, they sell books, they get asked to do speaking engagements, they have become folk heroes to people of like-mind.

What would be the motivation for the worldwide medical community to deceive and harm the population of the world with harmful vaccines? Given the enormous time, effort, and resources being put into this vaccination effort by all of society, does it make sense that a few “internet researchers” have somehow been able to disprove all of our efforts? Does it make sense that we want to ignore their “facts” for some ulterior motive? Why do healthcare workers work tirelessly 24 hours per day to keep people alive if we have such ulterior motives?

Dr. Reider and Allison Despathy are quite open about their skepticism and their alternative belief system, which they are certainly allowed to have. I just wish that they would keep their views confined to their followers and avoid trying to dissuade people that would otherwise benefit from the proven treatments available to the general public. Our Public Health system has saved millions of lives over the past 2 centuries. There have always been skeptics of handwashing, of isolating people with tuberculosis, of smallpox inoculations, polio vaccines, hepatitis B vaccines, HPV vaccines, varicella vaccines, of the isolation and handling of Ebola cases. We in Public Health have a thick skin when it comes to the skeptics. Social media and competition for readership have driven the appetite for controversial news and given people with alternatives beliefs a large platform to disseminate their views. My skin is wearing thin with some of these crazy theories.

Please be very careful where you get your COVID facts from and please consider the research and news from your topnotch public health agencies before you believe your local “internet researchers.”

Michael Rousse, MD, MPH is the Chief Medical Officer at NVRH.


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Josh Lawrie

"Trust the science" they said. "The vaccines are safe and effective" they said. The problem is, once you start actually looking into the science you realize some things just aren't adding up. The vaccines have been proven to not even prevent transmission or infection (what is the definition of a vaccine these days anyways.. oh wait, was that definition changed?) It is now widely known that vaccine effectiveness wanes in just as little as 4 months. Vaccinated persons are still arriving at the hospital with COVID, and carrying an equal amount of viral load as those who haven't yet vaccinated. You want me to trust the science? The Oxford University COVID Risk Calculator puts my absolute risk of dying from COVID (with risk factors) at .0007%, or one in 142,857. The absolute risk of me being hospitalized is .0268% or 1 in 3,731. Logically speaking, what am I to gain from taking a vaccine besides risking a number of side effects like myocarditis, pericarditis, costochondritis, tinnitus, neuropathy, the list of potential adverse reactions goes on and on. And I can already hear the response "IT PREVENTS YOU FROM BEING SERIOUSLY HOSPITALIZED". If this is the case, why are we not being shown the facts? Is NVRH or any other local hospitals willing to go on the record to provide case numbers of children in the 5-11 agre group presenting with adverse reactions from COVID itself, in the past two years? If you wanted to actually help people make the right decision, you would be informing them so that they can properly give their consent (remember that thing we used to do?). The fact that we are being bullied, shamed, and coerced to take an experimental injection doesn't sit well with those who are still on the fence, and frankly, attacking the messenger(s) vs the message itself just weakens the point trying to be made.

Eddy R. Woodchuck III

Spot on Anat and Alison. Rousse talks like an arrogant fool, "Misinformation" is the label used for facts that Big "Medicine"/ Pharma and the Globalist cabal want hidden so their lies can go on undetected. Evil.

Anat Grosfeld

Our so-called top-notch health agencies that Dr. Rousse characterizes as selfless and infallible have lead the United States to have some of the worst COVID outcomes in the world. His condescending reference to those who commit, (gasp!) "internet research" is elitest and lacks any compassion or understanding for the hundreds of millions of Americans who have been yanked around by the public health agencies from day one. Trust the experts without questioning? No thanks. It's very brave for people to express dissent from the public health narrative and I appreciate Dr. Reider and Ms. Despathy's reasoned and heartfelt submissions.

Alison Despathy

Dr. Rousse. I will reiterate what I have said before-I believe we all have the same goal-healthy individuals and a safe community. There is a lot to go through here and I will save the bulk of it for a commentary but here are a few key points

1. Vaccine Injury is real. Experimental Covid vaccine injury is real and is more prevalent than many realize. In my small nutrition practice, I am currently working with 22 people who believe that they have been injured from the experimental Covid vaccines. Their doctor’s have dismissed this potential and have not looked into it and have not reported it to VAERS. There needs to be more awareness and compassion and understanding that this is really happening. This needs to be factored into the conversation, especially as the country moves towards vaccinating the children. The CDC estimates that at least 40% of children have natural immunity to Covid and we have seen in the research and data that close to 100% of children with Covid recover easily, those children who struggle with Covid are immunocompromised and/or have pre existing conditions and would unfortunately struggle with any infection. This is completely relevant to the risk versus reward analysis of the expert vaccines for children in particular.

2. In October, 2019, Anthony Fauci was part of a panel of experts at Milne Institute. Here Fauci discussed this brand new mRNA vaccine technology that would require 10 years of clinical trials and research in order to assess safety and possible use for new vaccines and the replacement of existing vaccines. Fast forward 2 years, only 2 years not 10, and we have a rushed vaccine based on experimental vaccine technology that is currently being deployed on a massive scale. There are risks here. There is no question about this. These have been sold as the one and only, 100% safe and effective solution. This is absolutely not the case. This is more and more evident as the days pass and the VAERS numbers rise and it becomes evident that these vaccines are both highly questionable regarding safety and effectiveness. In the clinical trial for the children’s vaccine, follow up was only done for 3 months after the vaccine was given. This is unacceptable. Especially when there are actual safe and effective early outpatient treatments and acute inpatient protocols and options. The whole picture regarding Covid vaccines must be made public. It is vital that parents are aware of all of the information regarding the risks, known and unknown, versus the rewards of these experimental injections that are becoming available for their children. These are private and personal decisions and need to be based on full informed consent and having as full a picture as possible with all information at hand not just a narrative of 100% safe and effective.

3. I have the utmost respect for what it takes to run a hospital as well as massive appreciation for the hard work and dedication of all of the employees to offer high quality, compassionate care. My father was the President of a hospital when I was younger. My message is simple- I want to ensure that every individual has the right to make their own health choices with all the available information in hand- this is true informed consent. There are so many factors that go into private, personal health choices. There is no one size fits all. A person’s right to body autonomy as well as their right to make their own medical decisions is vital. This must be supported and respected and protected at all times. We have already learned this lesson the hard way historically.

4. I also fully understand the role that Public health has played with regards to ensuring clean water, nutritious food, hygiene practices, access to healthcare and proper removal of waste and sewage. These public health practices more than anything else have helped to reduce and eliminate infectious disease and many other health problems. Historically public health has not included experimentation on people and definitely not experimentation on children. This is not public health. Health choice is a fundamental human right. The ability to make personal, private medical decisions free of blame, shame, discrimination or coercion must be fortified and respected at all times. This is critical to healthy individuals and communities.

5. There is also actually a tremendous amount to be said regarding some other points you made. Medical history is one of my favorite subjects and it’s worth quickly noting a few pieces. Science and medicine have gotten it wrong so many times and hand washing is one of these situations. Dr Semmelweis advocated for and tried to implement hand-washing practices at many hospitals he worked at. He was ridiculed and attacked and he eventually lost his medical position. He tried desperately to have doctors wash their hands between working with corpses and then going to deliver babies. Mothers were dying and at each hospital that Semmelweis worked at the death of mothers decreased with his hand washing routine. Unfortunately he still lost his career and it took years for his work and medical contributions to be acknowledged and implemented. It is also worth noting that there are some very different perspectives on polio and the Spanish Flu. Here are a few links if any interest. I will save this conversation for a commentary. And it is worth asking some dermatologists about HPV and vitamin A deficiency. So much to discuss.

I think your right, it does come down to different belief systems and world views and keeping in mind that because someone thinks differently or chooses another path, they should not be ridiculed, discriminated against or shamed for having a different opinion or thought process. We are all unique individuals and diversity of thought and health decisions are human rights and these are settled unlike science. Everyone is trying to help in this current situation, what would really help most is for people to receive honest information not false solutions or propaganda. When given the information, the real information, individuals will be able to decide for themselves and their children what their best path is and if that includes experimental vaccines that need to be reevaluated with regards to safer and efficacy. It is only right that each individual be able to make their own medical decisions free of discrimination or coercion. This is what is truly critical to the health and future of humanity and society.




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