Thanksgiving has come and gone, leaving things pretty much as they were. Which is to say … depressed and uncertain. The virus is still with us and the political fevers have not broken. Joe Biden won but Trump and millions of his supporters believe that victory is tainted. After his inauguration, those millions will consider Biden an illegitimate president. There will be no shortage of office-seekers, media figures, and freelancing troublemakers eager to make this case. And they won’t have any trouble finding platforms from which to shout their outrage and defiance.

Donald Trump will be out there, urging them on. There was never any chance that he would make a dignified exit and leave the field for others. There is precedent for this. Grover Cleveland was denied re-election in 1884 by a very thin margin to Benjamin Harrison. Four years later, he won a rematch.

If Trump should decide to run again, it is hard to imagine that any Republican would be able to win the nomination from him. He won those millions of votes, after all. And his core is not merely loyal but fanatically so. He has nothing to fear from Mitt Romney, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, or any of the other familiar Republican figures.

If he has anything to worry about, it would be his business life and, possibly, special prosecutors. Even if he wanted to simply fade away into obscure retirement – which is impossible to imagine – he will not be allowed to do it.


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