It is possible, even easy, to image that the first words Bernie Sanders ever spoke were, “Medicare for All.” Or, possibly, “It’s an outrage.” But stick to the Medicare quote for now, since it is a political promise and can be tested against … oh, reality. And, also, common sense.

Unlike his main rival, Elizabeth Warren, Sanders does not come late to the great socialist aspiration of nationalizing health care. There is no doubting his sincerity and he gets points for admitting that, yes, it will cost money. But it will be worth it, he insists.

Warren, on the other hand, wants voters to believe that the transition to “free” health care will not merely be painless. Why it will almost be pleasant. Won’t cost you, the average middle-class American taxpayer, a single dime. Rich people will pay for it. The government will administer it. You will enjoy its benefits.

What’s not to like?


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