There is, pretty clearly, a less than thankful mood on this peculiarly American holiday. Turkeys will be smaller. People around the table fewer. The fans at many of the football games non-existent.

And those grade out as minor nuisances for those who are out of work as a result of the epidemic. And, then, there are the overworked health care professionals. And their pain doesn’t match that of those who are ill and, perhaps, dying. And, then, there are those who mourn their lost loved ones.

It is a cold, gray time. With the nation’s politics inevitably sinking to the occasion.

Any hope for diminished rancor and lowered voices following the election now seems naive. The president and loyal elements in his following believe that the election was stolen. And one suspects that there will be no disabusing many of them. Shining more light on the voting through recounts and the like will only serve to convince them that there are still darker corners where the guilty conspire and scheme. We are not dealing with reason, here, but a kind of malign faith.


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