Just over a year from now Vermont Yankee will go offline, putting an end to 42 years of safe, reliable, competitively priced baseload electricity delivered to the New England power market. The anti-nuclear forces that have ceaselessly agitated against Vermont Yankee for decades have jubilantly declared victory. And in truth, they are entitled to congratulate themselves for the plant's final closure, since it was they who created the poisonous anti-nuclear atmosphere in Montpelier that contributed in some measure to Entergy's decision to shutter the plant.

In his remarks about Entergy's announcement, Gov. Shumlin went out of his way to say that he would "use this opportunity to build better relations with Entergy." Anyone who has watched the Shumlin mode of operation should take this olive branch with a boulder of salt.

Peter Shumlin founded his political career on opposition to Vermont Yankee, and accelerated it when Vermont's utilities sold the plant to what he calls "Entergy Louisiana" in 2002. He ardently supported, though he did not initiate, the extortion of $28 million from Entergy in return for allowing an unexceptional uprate of the plant's power output in 2003.

He supported the continued extortion of Entergy to extract another $28 million in 2005 in return for allowing Entergy to store spent fuel rods in concrete casks at Entergy's expense on its own property.


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