Be Safe, Not Sorry! This is more important today than in normal times. For the past two mornings I have been at NVRH screening visitors at their front door. I was told that the numbers of visitors is down from the normal. We were all thankful for that. Everyone understood the need to be screened and cooperated nicely. Know that I am a retired nurse with 50 years of experience prior to retirement.

My understanding, at this point, is that this is a new virus and there is no specific vaccine ready to treat it. As we have heard, there is a large effort to fabricate and TEST a vaccine. I emphasis TEST because that takes a long time (months) to do. The other problem with a new virus is that no one has had time or exposure to develop immunity to the virus.

This virus, like most, spreads by droplet from an infected person. The masks that are being distributed are to prevent the person wearing them to cough or sneeze droplets up to 10 feet into the air to land on another person or an object.

The function of the face mask is to catch the droplets as an infected person coughs or sneezes. When a person is infected, the virus affects the respiratory track. So an effective way to prevent passing the infection is to cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, wash your hands frequently and to clean hard surfaces often with alcohol, bleach or hydrogen peroxide.


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