Vermontsplaining is a relative of Mansplaining and Momsplaining. Vermontsplainers aren’t interested in focusing on their lives, but driven to focus on other peoples lives. They know what’s best for you. They encourage, then insist you change your opinions and ways. Ultimately they expect apologies and repentance for harboring alternate opinions, habits and lifestyles. A group of Vermontsplainers can be more dangerous than a wolf pack. Vermontsplainers view behaviors or opinions outside the favored social, environmental, or political doctrine fair game. Acting like human fly paper they are on social media waiting and watching for ill-timed or careless comments to snare.

The first person to identify this phenomenon was an old Vermonter. He said, “It seems like everyone is trying to run everyone else’s life.” A Mike Rowe type of person, what he lacked in college degrees he more than made up for in common sense. He was the type of Vermonter who indulged me when I arrived here ignorant about the customs and habits of strange speaking Vermonters.

I worked in Montpelier for years. Groups occasionally gathered quietly, respectfully to protest in front of the post office. We didn’t agree with their views, but would listen politely. We never hectored, argued, or tried to re-educate them. Vermonters I knew and know are tolerant embracing a “live and let live.”motto. Sadly Vermontsplaining seems to expand as folks become less tolerant towards long-held Vermont ways and dissenting opinions.

Vermontsplaining can be issue specific. Can we appreciate that not everyone is deeply knowledgeable or concerned about the life cycle of chipmunks? Vermonters are focused on raising children, keeping businesses afloat, the coming car inspection, and paying bills. What gets their dander up is being told on Front Porch Forum how they should “feel” about a chipmunks early/unfortunate demise.


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