It's You

Conservatives can be forgiven for seeking to rationalize Mitt Romney's loss -- "media were against him," "the primaries dragged on too long," "Paul Ryan was a poor choice," "Seamus ate his master's homework," whatever. But progressives should bite their tongues.

Late on election night Chris Matthews of MSNBC blurted out that he was "glad we had that storm last week," implying that Hurricane Sandy was partly responsible for Pres. Obama's win. He apologized profusely the next day. Meanwhile, his network and its competitors are spending much of their post-election time focusing on the science of campaigning, as if Tuesday's vote occurred in some exotic computer lab.

Liberal pundits are gushing over the "Chicago team" that crunched numbers, targeted voters in the right places, and engineered a carefully calculated win. On Fox, Bill O'Reilly stated flatly that if Obama's guru David Axelrod had been running Romney's campaign, the Republican would have won.


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