It is a challenging time. I am Vermonter, serving in the role of Sheriff. I am working to remember to self-reflect on my emotional response to existing decisions being made by our governing institutions.

I learned many years ago that whenever a person is angry, the anger can be broken down to determine the root cause. The root is almost always sadness or hurt. With that focus, I can begin to work on fixing the problem instead of alienating myself with anger. Sometimes, though, we come to loggerheads and the anger simmers because we are forced by others to follow their beliefs.

This is the history of conflict and government rule throughout the ages. Sadly, I feel disenfranchised from leadership in my state. I still operate believing that there is a silent majority who exist. That the media driven public on the extreme fringe of both sides cannot control our government without the silent majority. This belief slips for me daily as partisan politics divide our country.

I always felt a pride for Vermont being removed from reactionary politics. Believing that our leaders were more focused on making decisions that best serve Vermonters, instead of engaging in national controversies. Sadly, that has not been the case in recent years. We have lobbyists driving legislation and many reactionary politicians who are simply attempting to make a name for themselves or get re-elected instead of focusing on what is really best for Vermonters. It has become a more frequent trend of bills being pushed through quickly to show a position, rather than to create a solid law for Vermonters.


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