Before focusing on today’s timely topic – Trump and Fox News, deadly together – I want to tell you a little story about the time Fox broke the fake news that President Obama wanted to tax Christmas trees.

In November 2011, I received a string of emails raging at Obama for (supposedly) imposing a tax on Christmas trees, which the angry readers took as fresh evidence of the (alleged) socialist Muslim’s (alleged) war on Christmas and Christianity in general. My reaction was: Huh?

So I clicked around the Internet. It turned out the emails landed within days of a fraudulent Fox News report about “a new Christmas tree tax” imposed by Obama. A trade group, the National Christmas Tree Association, had suggested a 15-cent fee per tree in order to better promote domestic trees, and thus compete more effectively with artificial trees from China. The idea had been around for 20 years. But because the U.S. Department of Agriculture had agreed to consider the fee, as a way to help the domestic tree industry… presto, Fox News framed it as an Obama anti-Christian plot.


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