Couldn't agree more

To the Editor:

Your editorial today, Dec. 8, regarding RTC appropriations was right on. I have asked RTC personnel for information regarding the figures submitted for East Haven Town. Those responding hides behind the easy statement that it is private information and can not be given out. All I've asked for is for them to allow someone from our community who is knowledgeable of local residents and town boundaries to verify that the numbers presented are actually people who live in Town. It's not a case that we are going to publish the list anywhere. What harm could a verification do? Until I personally have the verified information to support this appropriation I know how I will vote and which box to use when I mark my ballot. It's a two-letter word spelled NO. Providing transportation where needed is a great service, lack of requested information is a disservice.

Franklin R. Higgins

East Haven, Vt.


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