Our local restaurants and businesses are used to fulfilling orders. But the moment we heard Governors Sununu and Scott order them to “shut down,” we knew the local service economy was in for a historically terrible time.

The next day we came up with a couple of advertising packages to help keep some money flowing to our favorite joints, while minimizing the impact to their payables.

We quickly launched a platform at deals.caledonianrecord.com where you can support local business by purchasing local gift certificates or cards. The program officially launches tomorrow.

We will advertise these businesses for no out-of-pocket cost to them, to approximately 50,000 local people each day across our products (newspapers, websites, newsletters, social media).

At the same time we launched a Coronavirus business update program for local companies to advertise their adjusted goods and services for 75% off our open advertising rate. This provides an important, affordable forum for all local companies to communicate with our readers.

We’re willing to operate these programs at a loss in order to help these pillars of our business community weather some unprecedented challenges. But it will only work if you join us.

Please visit deals.caledonianrecord.com tomorrow to keep some income flowing into their registers. Also check the paper for the latest deals and coronavirus updates and support the businesses you see there. If we don’t support them when their doors are closed, there won’t be anyone left when it’s time to reopen.


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Congratulations to the Caledonian Record for this!

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