This week we caught the comments from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s struggle to deal with the trauma of the Jan. 6 Capital insurrection. She’s in therapy to help her cope.

Though rioters never got anywhere near AOC, who was hunkered with an aid in the distant safety of her office, she says she thought she was going to die because a Capital police officer who escorted her to safety had a menacing air. “It didn’t feel right because he was looking at me with a tremendous amount of anger and hostility,” she said.

The N.Y. Congresswoman has been widely mocked for overstating the danger she faced. But this week she doubled down, and said the experience was the same as had she “served in war.”

We don’t see any point in deriding AOC for working through her grief or trauma. Therapy is good. But in advance of Memorial Day - which commemorates fallen and true American heroes - we hope AOC might consider the pitfalls of her false equivalence and perhaps glean something instructive from the voices of incredulity.

Hers is a ludicrous analogy but we hope the fallout from making such an obtuse comment might lead her to lifetime fidelity for support of mental health care to the veterans who actually “served in war.”


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Karol Hammer

Oh, Editors, your biases are glaring. "We don't see any point" you say...before you do it anyway. There were so many other things you could have written, things appropriate to the tribute that the hundreds of thousands of veterans who lost their lives in our defense deserve. Instead you've made it about your opinion of a congresswoman (from another state, no less) and her struggles with mental and emotional wounds. You belittle the sacrifices that deserve the highest honor. You defeat your purpose (which surely was to demean AOC - instead you validate her). And you degrade your own intellect and credibility.

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