We’ve noticed that lawmakers in a number of states are weighing legislation to specifically ban the New York Times 1619 Project from classrooms. We’ve seen these harebrained attempts in backward states like Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas, Iowa, Idaho and a few others.

We would remind the cave-people behind these efforts that the 1619 Project is a prize-winning work of journalism and it’s based entirely on objective, historical facts. Attempts by state governments to ban or censor a free press runs blatantly afoul the First Amendment and are antithetical to the freedoms we cherish as Americans.


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Joel Stoddert

After a screed like your recent editorial comment on the 1619 Project, I think I'll be cancelling my online subscription. It's too bad: I'm a strong believer in local journalism, and have recommended your publication to numerous friends over the last several years. But although you're completely free to insult readers like me who don't believe the proudly and openly far-left New York Times to be a source of writers of solid history curriculums as "backward" and cavemen, I'm free not to pay you $12/month to do it. For the record, I agree with you that these states' efforts at censorship of school materials is inappropriate--but I wouldn't engage in name-calling if I disagreed. That's not how adults handle their differences.

Eddy R. Woodchuck III

The 1619 project does not discuss that slavery was an integral part of the worldwide Globalist business model whom the patriots fought in 1776. It does not discuss that 1776 was only the beginning of the quest for freedom for all and that mutual defense against the slave masters, the Globalists, was the primary need that bound all the states in 1776 and there after to oppose and fight the Globalists. . The 1619 project does not highlight that some states like Vermont and Connecticut had outlawed slavery prior to the end of the war. Our country began in 1776, not 1619 as the Globalists want you to believe in the 1619 project which they push via their agents who they installed on school and education boards, universities and the like to indoctrinate and destroy our country from within with propaganda. All the advances made up to this point they discount and try to destroy. They blame Globalist sins on all white people. They lie and lie and lie to divide and cause division and violence now. .

Eddy R. Woodchuck III

The 1619 project is a Globalist propaganda project that diminishes the importance of 1776 as the time the founding fathers said no to the chains of Globalism oppression and the fight for freedom began. At the time of our nations founding in 1776 the evils of slavery were practiced worldwide. To our founder's credit, they abolished slavery as soon as they could while holding the union together. They fought a civil war to stop slavery. The Globalists sponsoring the 1619 project want to make the nation's founders guilty for the Globalist's sins of slavery. Nothing could be further from the truth. The legislators have a responsibility to rid the schools of propaganda like the 1619 project as well as the "Critical Race Theory". Both are evil work of the anti American Globalist propaganda initiatives and are designed to divide people so skin color is how they judge.

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