The selectmen's decision to enforce the ordinance banning trash on property visible from a public way is long overdue and very, very welcome to property owners who do care about the appearance of their lawns and yards. Beginning soon, trash scofflaws will be fined $100 a day for leaving visible trash on their property. That's expensive trash. The hope and expectation is that such stiff fines will motivate the offenders to clean it up

Before some do-gooder whines that these fines will unfairly fall on the poor who can least afford to pay them, we want to point out that the town has free trash pick-up days every year. Nobody has to live in the middle of a pig sty unless he chooses to. Cleaning the place up costs only some elbow grease, but that seems too difficult to the scofflaws. Perhaps the fines will help them find some energy.

Having dealt with trash strewn lawns and yards, perhaps the selectmen could deal with the problem of dog poop on the sidewalks or on the grass about six inches each side of the sidewalk. Conscientious dog owners carry scoops and plastic bags to pick the stuff up. Far too many dog walkers look at the sky while their dog is pooping and then walk away, pretending that the dog didn't do what he just did. A stiff fine for that behavior might make our public grassed areas a little less booby-trapped for the unwary. How about it, selectmen?


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