As if Vermont didn't have enough problems with home-grown, wild-eyed liberals, we have now been invaded by Greenpeace, one of the most radical environmentalist groups in America. If there is one radical group that we don't need, in addition to all of the others that we have, it's Greenpeace. How is it that it has decided to come here? That's easy. Vermont, Maine, and Oregon are the most liberal states in the union. Nowhere is there a more congenial place for far-left fringe liberals. Greenpeace's arrival is a benchmark of Vermont's progress into the radical left pantheon.

Greenpeace moved into Burlington in June. In contrast with their usual stridency and theatrics when they squat somewhere, this time they are pretending to be staid, quiet workers from within the mainstream. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The Holy Grail for Greenpeace, here, is their coming campaign to close Vermont Yankee. Their anti whaling and anti global warming zeal pales in comparison with their opposition to nuclear power. That which makes sense to half the world as the cleanest, cheapest power pushes Greenpeace into paroxysms of out-of-control fury.We are in for a fight if we are to succeed in defeating the far left in its holy mission to close Vermont Yankee, our only nuclear power plant and the source of nearly 40 percent of Vermont's power, sold to us at prices that no other source of power or combination, thereof, can match. The fact that there hasn't been a nuclear accident since Three Mile Island, and even that did not cause any deaths or damages to America or Americans, doesn't mean anything to Greenpeace or to their radical supporters on the left. Atomic power is their bogeyman, and everybody knows that bogeymen are pure evil and should be erased from the earth for everybody's good.

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