The United States and Great Britain want to get tough on Iraq in the United Nations.

U.S. and British officials are circulating a draft resolution to have regular UN reviews on sanctions against Iraq suspended until Baghdad resumes cooperation with UN weapons inspectors.

If adopted, the resolution would be the toughest action the 15-member Security Council has taken since Baghdad announced Aug. 5 that it would stop cooperating with the United Nations. The move would scrap a major six-month review of sanctions scheduled for October, when Iraq and its council supporters were expected to push for the measures to be eased.

Sensible members of the UN should support the American-British resolution if they have any respect for the global body.

Saddam Hussein shouldn't be able to continually thumb his nose at the United Nations - and all decent people on this globe - and still expect the UN to lift sanctions against Iraq any time in the near future.

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