Jet dust

To the Editor:

The September 13th Caledonian-Record's "Weather Discussion" section stated that "the stubborn stratus layer yesterday broke only briefly." Those were not stratus clouds. They were rows and rows of parallel tubular cloud-like formations resulting from the exhaust, contrails and aerosol and particulate emissions from hundreds of jets. The synthetic clouds could not break because they were constantly replenished by more jet spraying upwind.

All of the commercial jet fuel is spiked with chemicals that make the contrails and exhaust persist in the sky rather than dissipate. Military jets, including tankers that carry 50 tons of dust, are emitting chemicals and dust which are frequently reaching ground level. Shaheen, Ayotte, Shea-Porter, and Hassan are congratulating themselves for bringing 12 brand new tankers to NH's Pease AFB.

All of the rain and fog this summer in Dalton has actually been mostly dust. A 75 watt or more funnel-shaped halogen floodlight aimed into the fog or rain at night clearly shows the dust and fibers. Even on clear nights there are often dust and fibers in the air.

Many people are suffering from unexplainable coughs, sinus problems, eye irritation and allergy-like symptoms. Reports are coming in from all over the country of children with sudden serious respiratory problems. Many doctors are unaware of the large amount of jet emissions that we are all breathing, eating and drinking.

Recent surface and drinking water samples from northern N.H. and Vt. all contain large amounts of fibers and particulate matter. Hold a glass of water in the sun and the contaminants are easy to see. All of the dry leaf litter in the woods is full of the same dust and fibers that can be seen in our air and water. The stuff is everywhere!

The goals of the spraying include weaponizing weather and making the atmosphere conductive to make electronic and satellite weapons effective. For more info see, or meteorologist Scott Stevens' website. It's a factual matter of public record that the U.S. Department of Energy has a $5 billion annual budget for geoengineering that specifically includes the aerial spraying of aerosols and particulates. The most recent United Nations climate council calls for "aerial spraying of aerosols and particulates." This is no longer conspiracy theory. This is very real.

It must be difficult being a meteorologist these days when jets are a major determining factor in the weather, and the forecast becomes irrelevant when it calls for sunny skies but the jets come and fill the sky with synthetic clouds, but please don't refer to jet emissions as stratus clouds.

Mitch Perry

Dalton, N.H.


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